ago 7 2014

Ainda acho pedaços seus…

So – you – said – that
I – shall – try – to go on


And I need love
Like I never needed love before …

– Apart, Lacrimosa

ago 4 2014

from Natalie

I can see the perfect sky is torn…

– Natalie, Torn

jul 28 2014

A hole inside…

I can’t keep pushing this down any deeper
Why do I keep trying if I can’t keep her?

Because it feels like there’s a hole inside my body
Like there’s a hole inside my heart
It’s like this feeling is gonna consume me

I’m so dumb, I should have just told you,
what I lost was a piece of you…

Pequena composição extraída de Adventure Time

jul 16 2014


Glittering Heath I saw it all, gold lay beneath
And the Dragon did meet its bane and was slain and at Dawn at the
Valkyries hill, crossing the fire, acting her will
Was the slayer and how alive though it seems
I was there in my dreams

– Dreams, Týr

jul 7 2014

Lonesome Town, completa

– originalmente publicada em 08 de junho de 2012

There’s a place where lovers go
To cry their troubles away.
And they call it,
Lonesome Town,
Where the broken hearts stay.

You can buy a dream or two,
To last you all through the years
And the only price you pay
Is a heart full of tears

Goin’ down to lonesome town,
Where the broken hearts stay,
Goin’ down to lonesome town
To cry my troubles away.

In the town of broken dreams,
The streets are filled with regret,
Maybe down in lonesome town,
I can learn to forget.

Maybe down in lonesome town,
I can learn to forget.

maio 20 2014

I remember you!

This magic keeps me alive,
[ but it’s making me crazy,
And I need to save you,
[ but who’s going to save me?
Please forgive me
[ for whatever I do,
When I don’t remember you.

– Simon, Adventure Time

set 24 2012

Just one need to hurt…

Is it getting better
Or do you feel the same
Will it make it easier on you now
If you’ve got someone to blame

You said one love
One life
When its one need
In the night
One love we get to share it
It leaves you baby if you don’t care for it

Did I disappoint you
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
You act like you never had love
And you want me to go without

– One, Johnny Cash

set 21 2012

In two seconds I will hit the ground…

let it rain… enter rain… exit pain…
– Enter Rain, Pain of Salvation

Para mim a chuva sempre teve o sentido de cura, restauração, libertação.
Gotas gélidas que penetram a pele, carne e chegam até os ossos.
Amenizam a dor, retiram os coágulos e dispersam os fragmentos.
Pedaços de um ser esfacelado, um anjo caído….

set 17 2012

Ich verlasse heute…

Ich verlasse heut’ dein Herz
Verlasse deine Nähe
Die zuflucht deiner Arme
Die Warme deiner Haut

– Ich verlasse heut’ dein Herz, Lacrimosa

Música que me forneceu os melhores e piores momentos;
ontem embalou meu desejo e posteriormente meu sono,
hoje envolve-me na melancolia do despertar solitário,
da consciência que todo sentimento encontra seu fim.

set 12 2012

ein Teil von mir

Wohin ich auch gehe
Was immer ich tue
Du bist ein Teil von mir

– Inspirado (e invertido) de Lichgestalt, Lacrimosa