maio 11 2012

Devils’ Due

I love you, Jim. You’re my son, and I always will love you. I used to think I could also say, ‘I’ll always be proud of you.’ But I can’t honestly say that anymore.

You’re walking down a dark path, Jim . A path I never could have forseen for you, and one I simply cannot respect. We love you, but we can’t take your money. That’s blood money, Son, and that’s not how you were raised.

Do you remember what I used to tell you, Son? A man is what he chooses to be. It’s not how he’s born, or how he’s raised, that makes the man. It’s his choices. Right now, you’re choosing to walk down a dark path I can’t condone. But a man can turn his life around with a single thought, a single decision. You can always choose to be something new. Never forget that.

– Trace Raynor’s final message recorded to his son.


maio 20 2007


“You want a piece of me, boy?
-Terran Mariner


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